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Founded in 1932, the Bally company has a history that would confuse even the best of corporate sleuths. Bally is known for producing pinball machines, arcade video games, a home video game system, running health clubs, building casinos, and several other things.

The company started selling pinball machines from it’s beginning, with the first successful machine “Ballyhoo” providing the company’s name.” After many years of selling some great pinball games under the Bally-Midway name, Bally was forced to sell the division to Williams in 1988. After that time, Williams kept the brand alive and released pinball machines with the Bally brand right next to its own Williams marque.

Because Bally was supported by Williams for many recent years, the newer machines share many parts and repairs are easy and relatively cheap. A Bally/Williams pinball machine is the perfect choice to own for your game room due to the high reliability and exciting themes and sounds.

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