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Founded in 1943 by Henry Williams, the Williams company has a long history of producing some of the finest entertainment machines available. Williams games include slot machines, video arcade games, and of course, pinball machines. Focusing entirely on pinball until the early 1970s, you will find a diverse range of Williams machines from the mechanical era all the way up to the newest Pinball 2000 platform the company introduced before deciding to leave the pinball business.

Williams created the blockbuster Addams Family pinball machine in 1992 which still holds the sales record to this day. Williams has a strong line-up of licensed machines such as Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, and many others, making a Williams machine the perfect choice for the home gamer who wants to entertain and impress guests who may not be very familiar with pinball.

You will find that Williams, and also their alter-ego Bally/Midway, machines are relatively affordable and generally have exciting graphics and gameplay thanks to Williams long-term experience in designing and building excellent machines. Personally, I have owned several Williams machines and recommend them to any friends looking to own their own pinball machines as well.

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